SEO Made Easy – How To Get More Sales

When implementing a SEO program for your local business it is very possible to see immediate results.

There are very specific and calculated techniques and programs you can combine to make for a very successful SEO program for your local business.

A good SEO company understands there is no 100% way to guarantee exactly when a Business may actually appear on the top pages of top shelf search engines such as “Google”. Only search engines like “Google” may be able to determine this. This is why providing realistic timelines to your Customer is necessary and, not to mention ethical in order to prepare your Customer’s expectations what and when to expect their SEO campaigns to begin seeing results. Too many SEO, Website and Online Marketing firms will guarantee 100% immediate results, and while that is what every business owner wants to hear, the ideal situation is for them to understand that “Organic SEO” meaning “Non-Paid SEO” such as PPC programs should be considered a permanent necessary expense to be accounted for in your business finance build out and monthly budgets. Organic SEO gets better and better results the longer your program is running. Consistency with marketing your SEO campaign is key to your overall long lasting SEO success. In time, your SEO campaigns for small, medium and large business should produce sustainable success and surpass ROI expectations.

Therefore, Customers will ask, what is my timeline to be placed on page 1 of Google? I want results now! As described above, ethically there is no set timetable, but communicating the strategies necessary to run a successful SEO campaign will prepare and educate Customers for the long distance race “SEO”.

The 5 Month guide to achieving a realistic and successful SEO campaign.

Month 1: Website Analysis – Planning
• Review and understand the Customers website and business.
• Comprehensive website planning takes place to include researching what page your Customer’s website currently ranks.
• Research the Customers competition to include top 3 competitors. Study the competitor’s successful SEO techniques such as keywords, backlinks, forums, blogs, articles, etc.
Tasks may include: On-page/Off-page website audit and analysis, keyword research, usability of website, contact call to action forms, website images, website text and discovery.

Month 2: Website Modification – Editing -Cleanup
• Address and fix back-end technical and front-end items to be addressed from Month 1.
Tasks may include: Website copy overhaul, text, images, usability navigation, and meta –tag, title and description cleanup.

Month 3: Content is King
• Build up rich and relevant SEO content on and around your customers’ site.
• Build up brand awareness and presence with social media sites, forums and article submissions.
• Begin company blog writing and create a separate URL page on your Customers website. For Example: www.sampleblogtext123/
Tasks may include: Content creation (blogs, white papers, articles, guides, website text) and social media channels, public relations, media venues and local directories.

Month 4: Reporting – Track Results – Build Authority
• Google Analytics report.
• Local Directory Reputation Management report.
• Page Rank report.
• Monitor and evaluate content.
Tasks may include: Eliminate low-quality back-links, forums, produce back-link strategy, discover 2.0 SEO article submission sites, analyze keyword content, website traffic and continue to develop fresh and relevant content.

Month 5 and Ongoing: Maintain – Reevaluate – Reinvest Your Time
• Traffic at this stage should begin seeing results. Your Customers website continues to grow and leads are being generated organically or naturally.
• Re-evaluate your reports from Month 4. Focus on keywords that are driving results.
• Align your content writing (blogs, white papers, articles, guides, website text) Your results by this point will continue yielding positive results.

Remember, “Organic SEO” is a continuous, permanent action item that should continue for your local business Customers. Local companies that understand the importance to maintain their online presence, invest their time and resources in SEO are positioning their business to continually improve and advance their business presence on the top page of search engines such as “Google”. Your business should see a continuous increase in website traffic and sales conversions.

Remember, Implementing a local directory listing campaign with reputation management along with your organic SEO campaign will help increase your overall brand awareness and rankings on the top shelf search engines.

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