How Social Media Helps with SEO?

How Social Media Helps with SEO

How Social Media Marketing Helps SEO to Increase Your Referral Traffic?

1. Creating Organic content for your site

In the past, it was enough for a website to have a great look and some really good text in order to get it to the top of the SERPs (Search engine result pages). However, as the times have changed and as the internet has become more saturated with pages, it is crucial for those seeking visitors to focus their attentions on social media interactions. By integrating your website with social media, you will increase your SEO and thereby your SERPs, leading to more visitors and more engagement/call to actions on your site. Here is how social media helps with SEO.

2. Social Media is more than Facebook

First, let us clear the air on Facebook. While it is a great tool for boosting your SEO, it is not the end-all to the social media integration. Think about twitter, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram. These are all avenues in which you can be expanding your social media reach. Do not think that this is too daunting. There are an abundance of apps which you can download for free which will allow you to post content on various channels for free (this is a form of multi-channeling). You do not want to completely abandon Facebook, as they are the leader in social media, but do not neglect the other potential areas.

3. Create Content which sparks conversation

Social media is driven by giving people something to gossip about. We call it conversation, but in truth, we are not interested in anything which does not have a good story attached to it. When you are creating your website and sharing content, ensure that you are sharing media which has a purpose, which empowers the viewer (either by giving them information that they would not find at another source or by allowing them to make a decision about the company/business), and is visual appealing. Once you have created content which sparks conversation, do not forget to have a call to action on the video, image, or comment section which links to your website. It does no good to have great social content but not a link in which to get to your site.

How to Increase Your Referral Traffic

4. Encourage Comments and Sharing

While you do want to ensure that no one steals your images and videos, you also want to encourage individuals to share the content on social media. If your images and your videos are peppered with watermarks and “do not distribute/copy” labels, guess what, no one will. I have seen too many websites which shoot themselves in the foot because they are so scared that someone will take their content and use it. Yes, protect your content with a brief note or a very low opacity watermark, but do not go overboard. When you post videos and images to social media, encourage comments and sharing. This is how organic content is formed. Just having the images on social media does not make it SEO friendly. You can over-saturate the various social media platforms with a ton of content, but if no one shares or comments on the content, it is a wasted post.

5. The quick and the dead

Social media readers tend to only have brief moments to scan content. If you wish to boost your SEO then you will need to present the key points to the viewer. This is one reason why those images with the one line quips are so popular. A person can take in the image and then like or share the image. What will kill your SERPs and make for a dead site is to have a one hour explainer video or to pepper your account with advertisements. No one wants to be bombarded with that. If anything, the comments will be negative and your SERPs will suffer for it. Keep your content quick, easy to read, and engaging for the best results.

6. The Linkback

Personally, I love a good linkback. Backlinking is a bit of a controversial topic in SEO. There are those which say that it is important and those which focus more on snippets and sharing. I look at it as a double edged sword, but one which is essential to SEO. On the one hand you create content and tell the viewer that if they share or distribute the content that they must link it back to your site. This gets your site more exposure as more people see the link and can potentially click to your site. The down side is that you do not know who will use and link the content, which could result in some very interesting results on the SERPs if your web address is in someone else’s social media account or website.

7. It’s all about the real number

Social media helps SEO tremendously, but only if you play the game fairly. Buying likes and followers is a quick way to have the algorithms flag your site. Don’t believe me, just do a google search on JC Penny caught by google, or type in company blacklisted for buying followers. You will find quite a few examples, enough to encourage you to build your social status the right way, one at a time with organic comments and real people.

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