Choosing the Correct Domain Name for Your Business

Congratulations, you now made a decision to place your business online. Once you have your website designed and developed, you’ll be able to type in your domain name, and see your website go live online. The domain name is what a person types in when they want to locate your site from their browser address bar like Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer just to name a few. Then your website should come up.

How to Choose A “URL” or “Domain Name” to Attract Search Engines?

Yes, it is OK to purchase more than 1 domain name. You would simply redirect theses URL’s to the main company URL. It is very important to remember, if you choose to purchase multiple URL’s to redirect to your main companies URL, make sure the URL you purchase has relevant key words.

Your websites domain name is also known as the URL.

The domain name or URL describes what your website is all about to the search engines. Therefore, it is extremely important for you to choose a domain name that describes what your website is about, that’s catchy, memorable and ends in .com. No one ever got rich selling a .net domain, well at least not yet.

If the .com exchange is taken, some marketers will tell you that it is OK to choose your domain in another exchange like .net, .ca, .org, .tv, or .biz as the search engines don’t add any weight to what exchange it is.  I strongly disagree. Most people looking for you will subconsciously type in .com and be directed to your competitor. Guess what? You just helped your competition grow. If this is what your goal was, I think your reading the wrong article today.

For Example: If you sell plastic identification cards, printers and printing services perhaps your website should have the type of business product description in your URL name.

For Example: I want to relocate to Tarzana, CA, and need to find a realtor. Perhaps your URL with the city name you work your real estate transactions would attract the potential Buyer. Why? Because it serves two purposes. First I discovered a site that specializes in Tarzana, CA, and Second I discovered a Specialty Realtor for that area.

That’s why your URL is key to your success, and recognition by search engines.
Remember, always get a .com extension for your URL, however, I advise also purchasing your country’s exchange;

For Example: Canada: .CA United States: .US United Kingdom: .CO.UK

If your website becomes well known, it is possible for someone to purchase your domain name under your country’s exchange, and ‘pick up’ your visitor traffic.

Be Careful How Your Domain Reads

Be careful how your domain name looks like when all the words are together with no spaces. If you don’t read your potential URL over and over before you buy and register, you may find yourself in a pickle of mess.

Here is an example of some real examples of real companies I discovered searching the internet: (read the URL names very carefully as they would appear in the browsers)

Example 1: is a site that provides contact information for a wide range of artists ad athletes via their professional representatives. however, look carefully how the URL reads without spaces as it would in the browser.

Example 2: is a site to buy great looking pens, however, look carefully at the spelling in a browser with no spaces.

Example 3: is where you go if you need of a Therapist, However, once again read how the word looks with no spacing in your browser.

How to Acquire and Register a Domain Name

It’s as easy as 123. Go to any search engine and type in “business domain names”. Hosting companies where you can purchase your domain name will pop up. Companies like and will provide an easy process.

Important, always register your domain name for at least a 2 year period as this tells the search engines you’re serious about your website business, and it’s not just a fly by night venture.

Need help choosing the right Domain name URL?

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